Homework is seen as an integral part of learning in Geography. It will help each pupil to:

  • strengthen the knowledge and the skills they have learned in class and so enhance their attainment in the subject
  • extend their understanding of geographical ideas through further study and revision of class work
  • investigate aspects of the wider world and develop their personal interests
  • take more responsibility for their learning

All pupils are expected to consistently and regularly review their class work at home. The class teacher will also set specific homework activities to every year group, throughout each course. Pupils will note these and the deadlines in their Student Planner. Pupils should Endeavour to meet these deadlines so that their teacher can give them appropriate feedback on their work and progress. These tasks will be appropriately differentiated to suit the abilities of the individual pupil and the level of course being sat.

Homework can take many forms e.g.

In S1

  • making a treasure map and completing map exercises,
  • keeping a weather record
  • completing a investigation on life in the Outer Hebrides using IT where possible

In S2

  • completing exercises e.g. about volcanoes and earthquakes
  • completing a  tsunami investigation using IT where possible
  • researching a Japan and Kenya  project

In S3 – S6