Eco Schools

Eco Schools is an international programme to encourage whole school action for the environment. Queen Anne High School is registered with Eco Schools and worked hard last session to achieve its second “Green Flag” – an award which acknowledges the development of the school to become more environmentally sensitive. Our aim is to further run the school in a way that respects and enhances the environment. Click on the following link to take you to the Eco Schools Scotland website

What have we already done?

  • Set up an Eco Committee of staff and pupils.
  • Carried out an environmental review in and around the school.
  • Formed an Action Plan.
  • Involved everyone.
  • Agreed our Eco Code and litter code.
  • Used PSE lessons as a forum to start a litter campaign and develop our new Eco Code.
  • Monthly Fame and Shame checks in the Crush areas to monitor litter  and care of the areas.
  • Organised a litter picks in and around the school grounds and taken part annually in the National Spring Clean.
  • Made links with our partner school in The Gambia and China especially recently linked to Earth Hour.
  • Carried out a number of recycling projects including ink cartridges, bottles and cans, and Bag to School
  • Carried out energy checks and reduced our global footprint for energy as a school
  • Set up an EcoRoom on our VLE.
  • Developed projects related to The Health Promoting School.
  • Planted trees and shrubs in the school grounds
  • Successfully taken part in a number of competitions in the local community including The Fife Flower Show and Fife Schools Tourism Challenge developing the Green Spoon Award and the West Fife Rural Circle
  • Hosting Environmental Conferences for local schools and talks from the renowned environmentalist Phil Williams from Plan-it Eco.
  • Hosted a number of fundraising events for FairTrade

What do we plan to do this year?

Over the coming months the Eco Committee will be continuing to encourage the school, to reduce, reuse and recycle resources. 

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Continuing projects such as “Fame and Shame”, where each concourse area is given a rating of 5 stars, 5 being the best.
  • Organise litter picks in the surrounding area.
  • Collecting Morrisons “Let’s Grow” vouchers to buy gardening equipment for the school.
  • Continuing to recycle plastic bottles, mobile phones and batteries.
  • Continuing to conduct energy checks.
  • Maintaining the Eco Online website.
  • Develop transport topics
  • Hosting Fair Trade coffee mornings.
  • Carry out new projects linked to recycling, energy, school grounds and develop our projects on biodiversity