The S1 Course reflects the Experiences and Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence in Social Studies, people place and the environment.  The course is designed to promote active learning, thinking skills and problem solving in relevant contexts about our world. Skills in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing which are developed in S1 will be built on in S2.

Earth: the power of the Planet

  • Where do volcanoes and earthquakes happen? Location factors
  • Why volcanoes and earthquakes happen
  • Features of a volcano
  • Effects of volcanic eruptions on people and the local environment
  • Causes of earthquakes
  • Effects of earthquakes on people and the local environment
  • Investigating a tsunami and other world earthquakes
  • Physical landscapes – processes, which create landscapes, e.g., work of rivers, ice, sea, wind and how they shape the land. Features of coastal erosion

Environmental Matters

  • Concern about the environment
  • Measuring your global footprint
  • Protecting the countryside
  • O.S map skills in a rural tourist area
  • Tourism – benefits and problems
  • Majorca case study
  • Mediterranean case study of tourism
  • Protecting the Great Barrier Reef
  • Protecting wildlife including conservation in Scotland and China

Amazing Places and Spaces

  • Natural regions in the world. Reasons for location, climate, lifestyle in tundra, desert, rainforest.
  • Kenya; a developing country – population, lifestyle
  • Japan Case study, Investigating location, climate, life in the country and city, industry and development
  • Mini WHO world conference to solve the world poverty crisis

An S2 option called “Go Explore” is offered allowing pupils to investigate and recreate the life of the famous explorer David Livingstone.