The S1 Course reflects the Experiences and Outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence in Social Studies, people place and the environment.  The course is designed to promote active learning, thinking skills and problem solving in relevant contexts about our world.

Maps and Mapping

  • What is geography?
  • Making a treasure island map
  • Continents and Oceans – outlines and map projections
  • Using the atlas – physical and political maps
  • Our continent – EC countries, capitals and other continents
  • Our Country – Scotland, mapping towns, cities and physical features; Britain’s relief; contours on an O.S map
  • Using 4 fig and 6 fig grid references
  • Using compass points
  • Using scale
  • Using longitude and latitude

Weather and Climate

  • Elements of the weather
  • Weather extremes
  • Keeping a weather record/diary
  • Dunfermline’s climate
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Anticyclones
  • Climate graphs including Dunfermline and China north and south
  • Forecasting the weather

Farming and the Environment

  • Rural and urban landscapes; physical and human features
  • Food kilometres and the environment
  • An investigation into Life in the Outer Hebrides creating a web site about lifestyles, the affects of the physical environment and protecting the machair
  • Comparing farming in Scotland with that in The Gambia

Italy North and South- contrasting Landscapes

  • Processes which make landscapes in north Italy e.g. The Alps and south Italy
  • Contrasting life, work and holidays in North and South Italy


Developing literacy, numeracy and Health and Wellbeing skills

Literacy Skills in Geography

  • I can listen and talk with others when discussing about the weather, Italy and farming.
  • I can find and use data from sources and analyse them.
  • I can take a point of view e.g. about organic farming.
  • I can read to gain data for my investigations from a range of sources.
  • I can create texts about weather and farming,

Developing Numeracy Skills in Geography

When using an atlas and Ordnance Survey maps, I can:

  • estimate and round numbers when using contours and latitude and longitude,
  • solve practical problems and measure accurately,
  • use scale to interpret maps, create plans and scale drawings,
  • use coordinates and grid references to plot position,

I can find information, present it in a range of ways and interpret what it shows e.g. on climate graphs.

Developing Health and Wellbeing Skills in Geography

  • I can explore my rights, accept my responsibilities and show respect for the rights of others
  • I can value working with others in a group.
  • I can improve and manage my learning and encourage learning and confidence in others.
  • I can develop my learning skills, identify my achievements, skills and areas for development.

The Department also takes part in the whole school S1 Challenge Day offering a hands on whole day activity called modelling the future. Pupils also take part in the Social Subjects interdisciplinary project “Our Scotland” making an imaginary web site with pages in geography about key physical and natural features in our country.