Unit 1: Physical Environments

  • Location of landscape types in the British Isles
  • Formation of landscape features e.g. in glaciated uplands, upland limestone, coastal landscapes and river valleys
  • Land uses in one area
  • Land use conflict
  • Managing conflict and the role of public and voluntary bodies

Unit 2: Human Environments

  • World population distribution and change
  • Urban Changes in developed and less developed countries
  • Rural changes in developed and less developed countries
  • Industrial change

In both Units there are Geographical methods and Techniques (GMT’s). These are a range of methods and techniques for presenting, analysing and interpreting information.

Unit 3: Environmental Interactions

  • Development and Health – study of development, diseases of developed and less developed countries, case study of one disease
  • Environmental Hazards – main features of, causes of hazards and case studies

The difference between Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 is largely in the content of the topics – the range and detail of knowledge required. The Intermediate 2 exam is also longer with more marks for each question.

To attain Intermediate Geography candidates must pass the internal assessments for each unit and the external assessment set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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