Unit 1 Physical Environments

  • Atmosphere: global atmosphere and climate
  • Hydrosphere: global water cycle and study of river features
  • Lithosphere: glacial, limestone and coastal landscapes
  • Biosphere: natural vegetation change, ecosystems and soil types

Unit 2: Human Environments

  • Population geography: population structure, migration and change
  • Rural Geography: agricultural systems, their landscapes and rural change
  • Industrial Geography: industrial systems, landscape and change
  • Urban geography: urban systems, patterns and change

In both Units there are Geographical methods and Techniques (GMT’s). These are a range of methods and techniques for presenting, analysing and interpreting information.

Unit 3: Environmental Interactions

  • Rural Land Resources- landscape and land Uses in the UK
  • Development and Health – case studies of development, health and disease

To attain Higher Geography candidates must pass the internal assessments for each unit and the external assessment set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.