Advanced Higher

The main focus of Advanced Higher Geography is on guided independent learning using many research and analytical skills.

Unit 1: Geographical Methods and Techniques

Skill areas:

  • Fieldwork Methods and Techniques
  • Statistical Awareness
  • The Production and Interpretation of Maps and Diagrams

Unit 2: The Geographical Study

Report of 25 sides involving:

  • Planning
  • Collecting Information
  • Analysis and Evaluation
  • Presentation Skills

Unit 3: Geographical issues

Essay which involves:

  • Different viewpoints
  • Analytical Summaries
  • Critical Evaluations

To attain Advanced Higher Geography candidates must complete a folio containing:

  • a Geographical Study worth 40% of the total marks
  • a Geographical Issues essay which is worth 30% of the total marks.

They must also pass the internal assessments for each unit and the external assessment set by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. The latter makes up 30% of the total marks.